Welcome to the order MDF online page. Below you will see 2 boxes showing the outside measurement of the standard board sizes (2440mm x 1220mm). In each of these boxes place your first sizes IE: 1100 x 2000. Then, by selecting the thickness drop down menu box – select the thickness required. Once the order has been added to the cut list you can put the quantity you require in the box beside this figure and press the UPDATE key IE: 10 x 1100 x 2000 in 18mm. This gets added to the cut list each time you place an individual piece order. Keep an eye on the list growing on the top right of this page – this is your cut list and shows the shape of your pieces too.

Once cut your order will be individually marked in pencil showing you what it is and your customer ID: IE: 607 x 607 x 5. HRH. Any special instructions such as numbering/lettering should be added to the special instructions box at the checkout.

Once we have received your order (we receive an exact copy of your e-mailed order) we will make contact with you either by ‘phone or by e-mail. We will then arrange a delivery schedule with you. See our delivery details page of what you can expect from our delivery service.

Finally, based on the board sizes please try to be economical if you can IE: select sizes that can be taken from standard board sizes. IE: If you want a piece 1225 try to make this 1220. Our saw cuts remove 3mm from every cut therefore if you want a piece 610 x 610 try to make this 607 x 607 thus minimising waste.

All sizes required in millimetres

Enter Length of MDF : Maximum length 2440
Enter Width of MDF : Maximum width 1220
To order a full size sheet of MDF (2440 x 1220), please select the depth you require and Full Sheet
Select Thickness of MDF :

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Please Note:
Minimum Piece Order of £1

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