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MDF Board

Veneered MDF

MDF board has many uses around the home. MDF boards benefits from using manufactured bonding agents and resins making for a more manageable material for you to use.

MDF board is manufactured using a dry process at a lower temperature than many other types of fibreboard. The finished effect renders natural glues and resins contained within the wood ineffective.

There are essentially three types of MDF board available as explained below.

Laminate MDF Board

Varying wood grains are used for each layer that are sealed together giving laminate MDF board improved rigidity. Popular types of laminate MDF boards include plywood and blackboard.

Particle MDF Board

Particle MDF board is formed from raw materials which are processed to produce particles of varying size which become bonded with a resin binder. Popular types of particle MDF boards include chipboard and flaxboard.

Fibre MDF Board

Types of fibre MDF board can be recognized by distinctive wood fibres used, their drying process and choice of bonding agent. The shape of the finished fibre board can also give you a clue to how it was produced.

MDF boards are a versatile material that can be used cost effectively for a number of jobs around the home. We supply MDF sheets and boards to suit different jobs around the home.

Varying density boards with differing finishes are used for various end uses. At MDF Cut to Size we can supply you with MDF board cut to desired dimensions to save you time and energy when it comes to assembling.

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